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Revolver Magazine World Premiere Leave It All Behind

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Revolver Magazine launches World Premiere of our New Music Video – Leave It All Behind.

Kill Devil Hill have partnered with Revolver Magazine for the exclusive world premiere of ‘Leave It All Behind‘, the first music video from the band’s second CD, ‘Revolution Rise‘.

Shot in the hills north of the San Fernando Valley at an abandoned missile silo, the video was produced by Vicente Cordero, who also produced the band’s “Strange” video from their debut disc. The song is a powerful tribute to those who are able to take control of their situations and rise above adversity.

While on location, the band discovered from rangers that worked the area that LAPD has frequently used the facility for target practice from the air using their helicopters and high-powered rifles. Bullet holes could be seen throughout the building and the burned shell of a mass-transit bus on the property. During the shoot the band and crew were warned about being careful of broken glass and sharp pieces of debris all over he area, and not to climb onto the building or bus for fear of injury or potential lawsuits.

Near the end of the shoot, however, when the rangers were not around, Mark climbed up on top of the bus to shoot the solo section for the video. As luck would have it the sun was setting in the background and the timing was perfect. The rangers came back during the filming of the scene, and decided to let the band and crew finish without incident, since there was very little that could be done about it at that point anyway.

Leave It All Behind is the first single from Kill Devil Hill’s sophomore effort, “Revolution Rise“, which was released in October of 2013 on Century Media Records.

The video can be watched exclusively at: REVOLVER MAGAZINE

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