Rex Releases Debut Solo Collection Entitled “Smoke On This”

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Rex Releases Debut Solo Collection Entitled “Smoke On This”

Rex has been hard at work in Nashville collaborating with longtime friend Lance Harvill on a killer collection of new tunes that feature Rex taking on the roles of both lead vocalist and guitarist. The fruits of those labors, entitled “Smoke On This”, were released on July 27th, and are receiving rave reviews from fans across the globe.

Rex spoke about the project in a recent interview and had this to say:

Actually it was recorded in a short amount of time, but it was written over about 15 months. Let’s see, where does the story start? I went to NAMM in Nashville the summer of ’15, I tell myself in ’14, “Look I gotta take some time off the road; I’ve been on this road for 20-plus years and then some. I started to get a little bit jaded and just didn’t — I just wanted to go live life a little bit. I’ve got small, not small kids, they’ll be 17. I went and spent some time with them and kind of regrouped. You know you have to do that sometimes. Going into Nashville, I had a real good friend who just moved there, got him a nice house and we just started writing tracks. The hardest part — we had narrowed down 24 songs down to 13 and then we tracked 11 in October of ’15.

Then I would go to Nashville about every six weeks and finish four off then I would hit a little road block for about 6 months. Bought a new home here and we gutted the whole thing and then… so it just kind of came together we really started working fully on at the end of last year to really get this thing done. For me, it was about finding the voice and that is what took a little bit of time. Singing for the first time, it’s petrifying when you don’t have the… you know, I sang before on other things but on this it was finding the voice that was going to match the music and everything else. Look, we started this off as just fun and then all of a sudden it became this monster. We just decided to keep pursuing and pursuing and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m beside myself; I’ve gotta pinch myself sometimes.

Rex and his band will be playing 10 select dates in Germany at the beginning of September, and will be joined by current Kill Devil Hill drummer Johnny Kelly on drums. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Rex performing his solo material for the first time on tour!

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